Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka, born on the 13th November 1987 in Warsaw, is a ceramic, sculptor, and ceramic instructor at the Backyard of Arts ceramic studio in Warsaw, Poland. Paulina has graduated from Sculpture College, The Academy of the Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015. At the moment Paulina is setting up her very own wood-fired kiln.


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Why do you consider there is occasionally a conflict involving the heart and the mind?

So you know, I consider it is quite natural, the conflict in between mind and coronary heart since as we say in polish, we quite usually would like to have a cake and try to eat a cake.

We have the exact same phrase. 

Indeed, you have the similar phrase. So especially for folks who have a large amount of pursuits it is quite prevalent that we have these types of inisde conflict.

When you had been making an attempt to make that selection how loud was the voice of “reason”? How loud was that voice telling you, This won’t work

I think louder was the voice that it will work. And to persuade this voice I was slowly, slowly and gradually, turning into much more engaged into our spouse and children small business. Coming to function at the workshops immediately after my normal position so I was hoping to lower the risk of failure and I was sensation that is the second since my mom is becoming….not older, but she wants a lot more assist. So I was often pondering that this moment will occur, but I was only imagining when would be the suitable minute.

How did you know it was time to acquire the leap?

When I was emotion so tremendous exhausted doing work occasionally 13, fourteen, hours a working day. And I was emotion it was much too a great deal for me. That I will need to resign from a thing for the reason that it will be like this, I will just get started turning out to be unwell. Severely.

It is been 5 months, has the voice quieted down in your head in conditions of this isn’t going to work, this is likely to function out?

No. I think when I created the final decision I thought, Okay, it wants to perform. 

It just needs to work as a necessity.


Was it simpler owning companions to go on the journey with you and obtaining your mother and phase dad associated?

Yeah, of program. Of system it was a large aid for me for the reason that I could study from them. We nevertheless do the job jointly and I have taken on far more responsibilities and administration work. It is truly good if you have users of your relatives you can rely on.

How significant was it for you to visualize a future of results for you to be equipped to make that soar?

Of course, I consider so. I was contemplating about diverse eventualities. Commonly, almost everything I do I try to visualize it before. So it was very a extensive approach but of program it served me a ton.




Adventures of a Youthful Naturalist by David Attenborough 

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