Juxtapoz Magazine - Supersonic Art Presents SUPERSONIC: VISIONS

Supersonic Art is proud to existing “SUPERSONIC: VISIONS,” a group exhibition of otherworldly and futuristic visions opening Friday, January 6th at 1PM PST at Supersonic Art Store. The clearly show options amazing new get the job done by 30 main New Up to date artists:  Kevin Peterson, Tom Bagshaw, Wiley Wallace, Cam Floyd, Brian Mashburn, Ken Garduno, Andie Taylor, Alex Garant, Paulette Jo, Kazuhiro Hori, Shoko Ishida, Shoichi Okumura, Armani Howard, Robert Bowen, Adam Caldwell, Andrew Degraff, Manuel Zamudio, Nika Mtwana, Rain Szeto, Mikko Heino, Michael Dandley, Christian Orrillo, Gerhard Human, Chris Leib, Paul Barnes, Nicolas Craig, Danzhu Hu, Paul White, Michael Camarra and Jarvis Brookfield.

Just about every artist was questioned to develop a operate all over a concept of otherworldly or futuristic visions.  Curator Zach Tutor clarifies that the “theme was encouraged by the earlier a few decades of uncertainty in the globe and the thought that we are all however dreaming of what is nonetheless to occur and that that, in itself, is hope.” The will work in the clearly show variety from submit-apocalyptic landscapes to highly developed spacescapes, and from sullen visual soliloquies to electrical, kinetically vibrant goals.

To order or inquire about artwork visit https://supersonicart.store or email [email protected]

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