pastel portrait of a cow by Cindy Berceli

Artist Cindy Berceli shares a assortment of captivating pastel paintings that reflect her bond with the animal world. See far more of her perform by traveling to her site.


pastel portrait of a giraffe by Cindy Berceli

“Big Hearted Giraffe” pastel, 18″ x 12″


I have always linked with animals.

As a youngster, I was peaceful and shy all around folks, but relaxed with animals. I would be off by myself taking part in with my pet rabbit, our canine or cat. My to start with position, at age 9, was permitting our neighbors’ German shepherd out at lunch time and strolling her right after college.


pastel portrait of a cow by Cindy Berceli

“Black Ears” pastel, 16″ x 20″


I also liked aiding individuals. From the age of 4, I was applying band-aids to friends’ skinned knees, and wiping runny noses. It is no surprise that I turned a pediatric nurse, and my art focuses on young children and animals.


pastel portrait of an emu by Cindy Berceli

“Emma, the Emu” pastel, 16″ x 20″


I consider that we are all related and I truly feel this relationship every single time I search into an animal’s eyes, which captivate me. It is intriguing to discover the words and phrases we use in describing these remarkable creatures. Words and phrases conjure up several illustrations or photos. What do you feel of when you listen to “hungry as a lion,” or “timid as a mouse?”


pastel portrait of a fox by Cindy Berceli

“Finicky Fox” pastel, 15″ x 18″


Various cultures have diverse interpretations of animals. In Japanese symbolism, foxes are associated with intelligence—they are deemed intelligent and intelligent creatures, whilst we describe them as “sly and cunning.” In our tradition it is popular to use phrases these kinds of as “strong as an ox,” “free as an eagle,” “slow as a tortoise” and “quick as a hare.”


pastel portrait of a goat by Cindy Berceli

“Black, White and Brown Goat” pastel, 12″ x 16″


When I’m painting, these phrases and characteristics move as a result of my mind forming bridges involving me and my topic. I really feel that we share identical and usually prevalent emotions which are simpler to figure out in animals than in ourselves.


pastel portrait of a Golden Retriever by Cindy Berceli

“Silver” pastel, 12″ x 10″


Comfortable pastels appear in sticks identical to chalk pastels. They are created of pure pigment with a small binder, not limestone. Pastels are wonderful for painting the everyday living like traits of fur, skin and hair. I start with thumbnail sketches as I plan the composition. When I have the sketch on my floor, I establish the darks and lights like an abstract design and style with no element at this issue.


pastel portrait of a Roseate Spoonbill by Cindy Berceli

“Roseate Spoonbill” pastel, 18.5″ x 15.5″


Usually, I implement several levels of pastel to construct up wealthy coloration and to generate depth. In just these levels the pastel wonderfully signifies the opalescent high-quality of organic light. This lets me to depict animals realistically in wealthy high-class tones.


pastel of a leopard by Cindy Berceli

“The Leopard” pastel, 16″ x 20″


Eighteen of my paintings of animals ended up picked by a significant pediatric exercise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to welcome children into their office environment. Just about every portray was enlarged and positioned on the walls in the ready area, exam rooms and hallways.


pastel portrait of a chimpanzee by Cindy Berceli

“Toby” pastel, 15″ x 19″


The animal visuals allay fears and reduce nervousness. They give a connection with a fellow being, as a result creating an appreciated diversion. I gratefully welcomed this possibility known as Animals on the Partitions. I was honored to be element of this collaborative venture benefiting children and their families when also highlighting my enthusiasm of concentrating on animals and their spot in the environment, connecting us all.


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