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Curious Clay, founded by Jannalyn Bailey, was born out of an intense adore of the handmade kind and the want to make attainable art objects. As a previous painter, the existence of the artist’s hand in Jannalyn’s operates is pretty significant to her. Both of those the clay form and the glaze application retains the gesture from Jannalyn’s hand.  Becoming relatively self-taught, Jannalyn’s perform is principally slab-developed with some ingredient of hand forming/sculpting.  Jannalyn hopes her operates can dwell in new properties, and be a section of the slower times in the working day, irrespective of whether it’s your early morning cup of coffee or afternoon meditation.  Jannalyn finds great pleasure in making one particular of a kind pottery, and her hope is that that pleasure comes by.


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When you get associated with a faire, it is an software method you really don’t just indicator up and do it?

Indeed. Like I said, I applied two or 3 times and I was denied all the instances. The way that I actually received on there was that a keep in Ga requested that I be there. So when a retailer requests that you as a brand name be there you are an automatic shoe in I guess.

For the getting side do they require to go through an software system also?

I really do not know. I imagine that they vet everybody and make absolutely sure they are a brick and mortar and not someone who is seeking to do low-cost Xmas searching. And then if it is a store that is on the internet only that is a significant marker on their profile webpage. You can also reject orders on there if I don’t want my things to be sold on a world wide web only platform I can say that this is not a great match.

How are you actually observed by some others?

I think it’s just searching all over scrolling by way of web pages of pottery. There could be some tags but I am fully unfamiliar with the customers side. As I maker I are not able to genuinely click around and see other maker’s offerings quite easily.

So you simply cannot see how considerably other persons are marketing their wares for?

I believe I can if I were to log out and go on to the Faire web site just as a browser, you know, someone who is wanting around on my personal, but I cannot navigate absent. Not that I know of.

Did you selling price your function upwards to compensate for the cost of performing business with Faire?

Yeah, and I have had to raise rates for a amount of factors. Partly simply because there are a lot more individuals performing for me now. Partially simply because delivery materials price an arm and a leg to even get to my doorway. The price of electrical energy, the value of clay, I did shift away from an area in Pennsylvania that experienced a ceramic provide shop that provided a pretty hefty cost breaks at specific weights of clay and my present clay supplier is not capable to do that.

Who pays for the shipping and delivery?

The retailer or if the retailer is a Faire insider, which I think is a monthly payment of a hundred and anything dollars then Faire covers the retailer delivery. So if a retail store does a large amount of buying on Faire it truly behooves them to be an insider. I by no means fork out for delivery. I pay back for shipping and delivery supplies and if you want to increase a packing fee to offset your value of transport products.

Does the transport technique Faire takes advantage of allow for you to use the free containers from the US postal services? Priority mail?

So when you punch in the fat and the dimensions it populates UPS, FedEx, and USPS and it gives you three costs and suggests. What box you place in it does not really matter. I am hardly ever shipping in something more compact than a 13 inch cube. You have an alternative on Faire to make your very own label and then you have to add the price tag of that label as perfectly as the tracking amount and then they reimburse you.

What is the most interesting issue of doing the job with Faire?

It’s just the access. I necessarily mean my do the job at this level has absent to Germany, England, it goes to Canada all the time. And the U.S, I mean I don’t want to say I am in all fifty states but I’m very darn near.


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