"Surface Tensions" by Photographer Peter Bogaczewicz

Peter Bogaczewicz is a photographer and architect dependent involving Halifax, Nova Scotia and Riyadh, Saudia Arabia. Dividing his time among both equally fields, he finds a complimentary relationship concerning the two, using his picture initiatives to examine the connection amongst the all-natural surroundings, the built setting, and the human group. In these kinds of a way, his ongoing undertaking, “Surface Tensions,” investigates the up to date landscape of the Arabian Gulf, where the effects of human exercise on the organic setting depart a specially visible mark. Bogaczewicz paperwork this proof of human intervention, drawing focus to the distinction among the visible purity of the barren, colourful earth and the developing projects transforming the landscape in important strategies. 

“The dynamic reveals a deep rigidity in between what can be seen as progress—the aspirations of the human community—and the environment—the spot we inhabit, inherit and possess as the ‘container’ for our life,” he explains. It is a peculiar situation of humanity that we make this sort of an uncertain mark on what surrounds us, not knowing how it performs out beyond our time. In this unique location exactly where the human element has a specially recognizable presence, there is no hard work at concealment that the land is there to be dominated, and progress is in by itself a force of mother nature, rivaling nature itself.”

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