"Strange Pain" by Artist Felicia Chiao

A assortment of images from Felicia Chiao’s first solo exhibit in New York Metropolis. Chiao’s autobiographical perform offers visual representations of highly specific nonetheless utterly familiar areas of the human practical experience, building worlds in which thoughts get on physical form. In “Strange Pain” one’s stress and anxiety appears as an amorphous blob looming close to the corner and melancholy a persistent, cat-like companion. As Chiao explains even more:

“Strange Ache is about the modest, undefinable pains you sometimes feel when practically nothing is particularly completely wrong. It can appear as that ache you experience from a unhappy song or that fleeting wave of despair that arrives in excess of you when ready for water to boil. It can be the tightness in your chest prior to a social event or that obscure feeling of guilt you in some cases get, even however you have carried out nothing completely wrong. Peculiar pains are tricky to place into phrases but this physique of function does its very best to discover them.”

Irrespective of Chiao’s aim on thoughts of soreness, her perform evokes its very own feeling of coziness and camaraderie as we can all share a feeling of recognition or appreciate the very simple attractiveness of a tree climbing out of a developing toward the sun. See additional visuals from “Strange Pain” under or on exhibit at Harman Jobs December 17 – January 7.

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