Pom-poms and tassels made with yarn and tied to a book ring

I’m back to making pom-poms and finding inspiration through yarn! It brings me so much joy, I really need to buy or make a big loom so I can create bigger yarn pieces. But for now, pom-poms and tassels it is! These are just fun to make with a group, or for a gift, or to add some color and happiness to a bag or a knob.

Pom-poms and tassels made with yarn and tied to a book ring

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Supplies needed for pom-pom tassel DIY:

~ Yarn (I get mine at the craft store)

~ Pom-pom makers (or use a piece of cardboard)

~ Good scissors

~ Small cardboard piece

~ Book rings (optional, but great to have)

a table with yarn and pom-pom makers

Here’s how I made this pom-pom tassel DIY:

1. Choose a color story. I like using colors in the same family and then adding in one complementary color (read this post about the color wheel).

Making a multi-colored pom-pom using a pom-pom maker and yarn

A trimmed, multi-colored pom-pom

2. Make your pom-poms. I used the smallest pom-pom maker to make three, and then one bigger. Leave long tie-yarns on, will use them later.

Finished pom-pom tassel with book rings and beads on a table

How to make a yarn tassel with a piece of cardboard

3. Make the tassels. I wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard, tie it together at the top, cut off from the bottom, and then wrap a little yarn around the top to finish. I made three. Leave the tie-yarns long for these, too.

How to combine pom-poms and tassels to tie onto a book ring and make a hanger

4. Now that you have all of your elements, cut off one of the two long tie-yarns.

5. Gather your four pom-poms and three tassels together into a bundle and tie a knot at the top. You might need to arrange all the elements a bit so they fit and so that the pom-poms are visually on top of the tassels.

3 finished pom-pom tassel hangers on a table in different color schemes

6. Tie everything to a book ring, secure with some glue. Or, if you don’t have rings, braid the strings so they are one unit and can be tied to anything.

xo Bar

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