"Men Don't Cry" by Photographer KyeongJun Yang

A beautiful challenge about family members and the confines of masculinity by South Korean photographer KyeongJun Yang. “Men Really don’t Cry” focuses on Yang’s very own family, specially her father and a turning point in his everyday living wherever he began to cry brazenly. Though enduring a variety of lifetime occasions that would lead to anybody to lose a tear — his father passing absent and his mom abandoning him when he was 6 years aged — Yang’s father did not begin crying until eventually a short while ago. Yang points out her father’s prior stoicism as an attempt to safeguard himself and other people. “When he was a kid,” Yang suggests, “he held his tears to defend himself from individuals who despised him just since he was an orphan. Following he experienced a relatives, he didn’t cry to protect his spouse and sons from this harsh world.” And still, regardless of or maybe mainly because of his previous restraint, Yang sees her father’s tears extremely generally now:

“The tears he held gradually rose from his toes to his eyes. And the evening he understood that he just can’t keep anymore, the tears had been already flowing down his cheeks. I questioned if I could consider a photograph of him when he was crying. Even at this minute, he attempts to be a ‘man.’ ‘Yes, but really do not show this to your mom. She will cry.’”

See extra illustrations or photos from “Men Never Cry” below.

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