Juxtapoz Magazine - Michael McGregor Has Invited Us to His "Private Party"

NANZUKA is delighted to present an exhibition of new functions by American artist Matthew Palladino at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND. This marks the artist’s most current solo exhibition with NANZUKA adhering to his previous concurrent demonstrates at 3110NZ by LDH kitchen area and NANZUKA 2G in June 2022.

Palladino’s inventive apply can be interpreted as an attempt to shift by distinct dimensions. Drawing inspiration from the graphic pictures of cartoons and video games of his childhood, Palladino’s do the job intentionally adopts constructions these types of as grid-like arrangements, graphical gradational expressions, vivid shades, and the obligatory flattening of standpoint. The dream-like and fantastical watercolor paintings in which motifs this sort of as fruits, vegetation, figurines, animals, figures, figures, and so on. are organized in an very structured trend, almost seem reminiscent of digital precision due to the sheer meticulousness in which they are executed. On the other hand, his semi-a few-dimensional operates designed through use of 3DCG and 3D printing approaches provide to traverse the boundary among analog and electronic.

The exhibition centers on Palladino’s most current sequence of watercolor paintings depicting cacti, which he has not too long ago been concentrating on as a new subject for his perform, owning made a fascination for them via his practical experience of residing in Bolivia.


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