Juxtapoz Magazine - Naritaka Satoh's Big "Reveal" @ GR Gallery, NYC

GR gallery is delighted to existing Reveal, Naritaka Satoh very first solo exhibition in the U.S. and with the gallery. Spreading all around the entire gallery area, the demonstrate will existing fourteen artworks executed with the artist signature technique combining acrylic and pencil on wood panel. Appositely conceived for the event, this new system of works expands Satoh’s visual vocabulary with increased topics, shades and expressions and deepen his discourse on the introspection and duality of the human psyche and the complexity of the hidden symbolism. His hugely one of a kind type Juxtaposes hyper real looking, beautifully balanced and controlled, black and white details, with howling and instinctive summary-expressionist like thick acrylic brushstrokes.

Naritaka Satoh’s artworks, imbued with enigmatic recollections, depict and resolve the distinction in in between logic and emotion, pervasive in each solitary and social conduct. Summoning idealistic and standard tenacious poetic imaginaries, mixing it alongside one another with bold factual actuality, Satoh makes profound yet fascinating compositions, unbiased from rigid anatomy and volume, encapsuled in an unsure time interval. The title can take inspiration from and previous Japanese saying: ‘Cover up what smells bad’. Quoting the artist phrases: ‘As the saying goes, to be happy or displeased only with the very good components that have been produced into the environment, with out revealing inconvenient truths, is like wandering via a fictional entire world. Issues are produced up of all forms of intertwining and balancing functions, which include individuals that are favorable or unacceptable to oneself. We wrestle, waver and wriggle among the boundaries of all varieties of circumstances. The course of action is by no means obvious to the human eye, but I think that by comprehension the total image, with all the things of the track record that go on inside the wonderfully prepared membrane, we can reside in the fact with no any falsehoods’.

Eros and Thanatos, order and anarchy, harmony and instability, consciousness and unconsciousness inevitably dwell alongside one another in any entity and the worth of obtaining a stability in among these forces is what generates exceptional minds and creations. Satoh’s manufactured his priority to give a condition to this fixed disconnection, masterfully depicting the solemnity of this splendid and serene spirit able to give the ideal area and to retain under command the chaos that inhabit it. 

 Naritaka Satoh (Aichi Prefecture, 1980), graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2006 and received an MFA in Structure at the exact same College in 2008. Due to the fact then he has been operating on acquiring the distinctive fashion that we can admire right now. His paintings are largely targeted on portraits and still daily life topics that consequence in a fusion of drawings so detailed that could be mistaken for photographs, with a layered of acrylic abstract matière. His works, which have a robust existence made by his strong capabilities, have been attracting attention and assist from each inside and outdoors Japan and have been exhibited thoroughly in Asia primarily and grew to become part of prestigious art collections all about the entire world. 

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