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On the surface, Heidi Hahn would make paintings about the marriage amongst the official components of her function and the material in just them. The slippage about these binaries expose the necessity of just about every. Equally performing together to type a place outside of its object-hood, building place for an additional form of experience of painting. As a way to individual her female topics from tropes, genre, and gendered expectation, Hahn’s paintings offer a tactile disconnect from common illustration. Which in switch, reorganizes the part of what articles is in portray. How do we symbolize things in different ways from what they imply? How does the substance govern the content? And what does the overall body have to do to escape alone?

Heidi Hahn writes: “I think about the horizon line as a separation of expectation and reality. It is this illusive issue that features vacation spot, long run, and security of place. But as soon as you set out and get there there, it has disappeared and been changed with a different horizon. So it is a point and an illusion. I desired that wrong promise for the do the job, an present but never ever a fulfillment, a actuality inside a lie. If portray is simple fact due to the fact of its reliable type then the information is the lie that keeps you staring, hoping, wondering. It changes based on the temper, age, and knowing of our possess lives. I don’t want to go to the horizon but I want to see it. I want to know that it’s there. Like with portray, I want to see it all laid out right before me. I want to have an understanding of it inherently, but I also want it to have the capacity to alter in entrance of me.”

Unfair Horizon is on check out at Farenheit Madrid via April 14, 2023.