Juxtapoz Magazine - A Portfolio: RIP, Yayoi Asoma

It’s with large hearts that we continue our A Portfolio collection with the loss of the excellent painter, Yayoi Asoma. Her perform was a refreshing illustration of memory, of home, of the points we collect and acquire all over ourselves. We bear in mind viewing her operate in the heart of the pandemic and viewing a exceptional domestic configurations that were being equally fantastical, suitable and dense, someway solitary and but so alive. As pal and fellow painter Jesse Mockrin wrote on Instagram this 7 days of Asoma, “She altered the guidelines of perspective to mirror the psychological and emotional maps our attachments to destinations build in us.” That is so genuine. 

Asoma reported of her paintings, “My work speaks by the familiarity of the dwelling, where spaces of our day to day life entwine with the memories and associations of our encounters. While a property is often referred to as a dwelling, the strategy of “residence” is broader than a physical dwelling. Home is normally a location of refuge and protection. House is an practical experience as substantially as a certain spot. Through my work, I am reflecting on the strategies in which we build our suggestions of selfhood and origin through the areas that we occupy—especially from our childhood property. On the most primary level, I see my method of painting as a type of remembrance, a memorial to the spaces that I after occupied and a preservation of the recollections imparted in them.” 

We send out our very best wishes to Yayoi’s family members and close friends. 

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