Juxtapoz Magazine - A Look at Jakub Julian Ziolkowski's "Monotypes"

Concurrent to his solo exhibition of paintings, sculptural relief, and ceramics at the gallery, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski’s sequence of monotypes on paper are on check out on the web with James Fuentes, highlight an area of the artist’s practice that is at after foundational and expansive. Ziolkowski very first experimented with the monotype as an innovative drawing system about twenty a long time ago. It grew to become a technique he has honed on a close to-every day foundation considering the fact that. As with the several meditative and shamanic techniques that round out his innovative everyday living, this type of drawing needs a deep target and a surrender to precision exactly where, in his phrases, “everything issues.” The stress of a sharp pencil properly imprints a sheet of paper, its underside conference a glass plate lined with sticky ink, turning into everlasting by means of this level of make contact with. This is itself a ceremony, like drinking tea, finding enjoyment in each individual action forming a direct transmission amongst pencil and the spirit.

“Drawing is the ideal pal with which to start off a deep dive into the void,” Ziolkowski states. “I use the most uncomplicated language and pretty direct speak to with myself by means of a drawing. It is a pure simplicity of paper and pencil.”

In the ideal way, the monotype is an unforgiving technique. Any oversight is quick and irreversible. In this way it is excellent a trainer of tolerance, submission, simplicity, and honesty. The resulting is effective have with them this feeling of complete presence, and likewise they transmit that clear relationship among the artist’s images and the consciousness from which they arise. About their content, Ziolkowski clarifies: “There is no thought, there in no way was any concept and there hardly ever will be. I just enjoy carrying out it. It is a pleasure to be there, to draw, to exist there in the fact that is sunk into the paper.” We can normally move out, reenter the globe of audio and of shade, and then all over again return to this peaceful moment.

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