Image of Colineo brush range

I adore watercolour brushes and so I was pretty enthusiastic to attempt out Da Vinci’s new synthetic, vegan watercolour brushes. A lot of brush suppliers have invested resources into producing a synthetic brush vary and there are now a escalating selection on the market place. The development of synthetic brush ranges has been pushed by a variety of aspects including the cost of sable and other animal hair, sustainability and life style decisions. Let us check out how Da Vinci’s Colineo assortment performs.

Image of Colineo brush range

The finest Kolinsky sable brushes are produced from the Siberian weasel. It’s purple sable hair has special features because of to the chilly setting it lives in. Kolinsky sable brushes are soft, adaptable and ‘springy’ which means that you can get a fantastic selection of marks. Owing to the construction of the hair they also keep h2o perfectly in the stomach of the brush. The drinking water is then slowly and gradually and evenly produced onto the paper.

Da Vinci claim that Colineo is a carefully balanced mixture of various lengths of straight and wavy artificial fibres with extra wonderful ideas and tapered details, large elasticity and color absorption.

A elegant hunting brush

The Colineo range includes round, flat, riggers, swords & fan brushes.
The Colineo assortment features round, flat, riggers, swords & fan brushes

These brushes undoubtedly appear the part even though they may possibly induce significant bouts of brush envy in your art class! They have a wonderful smooth, gray, plywood cope with in a hexagonal form so that it doesn’t roll off your desk as simply. The brush head is held in area with a double crimped silver ferrule. The brush alone appears just like it’s sable counterpart.

Take a look at 1 – Drinking water ability

There is a widespread false impression that synthetic brushes do not keep the identical total of drinking water as common sable brushes. So I decided to place this to the check.

water capacity test image
Colineo artificial brush in purple & sable brush in pink

I loaded a excellent quality sable brush with h2o and pink pigment and drew lines across the paper right up until the brush ran dry. I then took the Colineo spherical synthetic brush primed with water and red pigment and recurring the same course of action. The effects higher than talk for on their own, it is obvious that the Colineo synthetic brush holds as a lot as if not far more than the sable brush I tested.

Take a look at 2 – Mark making assortment

It’s important that a brush can create a variety of different marks dependent on how the brush is held and the pressure used. First I attempted out the Spherical no. 8 brush.

image if marks made with round Colineo brush

I was ready to create a selection of traces from slim via to fatter dense lines furthermore dry brush traces. I beloved the natural lines I accomplished by keeping the brush appropriate at the end much too. The position remained sharp and did not split. There was a excellent amount of spring to the brush head to empower me to deliver far more energetic marks much too.

Image of brush marks made with flat Colineo brush

Future I experimented with out the Flat no. 12. Once more, I was amazed by the selection of lines I could reach making use of both of those the complete flat of the brush and also on it’s aspect. The brush head did not split, even when using it on it’s aspect, so I was rewarded with sharp lines. Gripping the brush and keeping it far more parallel to the paper allowed me to produce textural marks much too.

My conclusion

The two brushes felt excellent to keep in distinctive grips and in distinctive sites along the brush. The bodyweight felt ideal where ever I held the brush. Both of those brushes carried out properly and the quality is fantastic, as you would count on from Da Vinci. The price level is appealing far too significantly for painters wanting to top rated up their assortment of bigger sized brushes without the need of breaking the bank.

If you are a vegan artist, or want to minimize down on the amount of animal-derived artwork products you use then this selection is a wonderful selection.

All round I am impressed! Da Vinci’s statements are living up to their assure and I imagine a few of these brushes will be locating their way into my collection – you can hardly ever have adequate brushes!

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