Hun Kyu Kim.
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Hun Kyu Kim at perform

The artists I am wanting at now is the South Korean painter, Hun Kyu Kim.  It is challenging to describe the artwork of today’s showcased painter.  It is, to say the the very least, troubling and the a lot more a single concentrates on the figures, the far more a person will become alarmed.  The specific figures search like one thing out of Japanese anime or heading back again more in the past, the figures one observed and was fascinated with in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

The Backyard of Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch

Kim suggests his favorite artwork is Bosch&#8217s operate, The Garden of Earthly Delights. According an interview he gave to CNN Seoul, he also sees his artwork as a bridge amongst the earlier and the modern day. 

Funeral on the Beach by Hun Kyu Kim (2020). Pigment painted on silk

Nevertheless there is a thread of violence running as a result of numerous of his operates, no matter whether it is threatened catfish, sword-wielding pet dogs or armoured vermin accomplishing acts of violence, cruelty and problems.  Their expressions distorted by hate, their eyes bloodshot and jaundiced, and their contorted faces often partly decomposed insert horror to the depiction. Kim attempts to blend amusement with the grotesque, and his paintings set a modern-day spin on the historic painting kinds that Kim invested just about a ten years mastering. What I like about his work is the way I can shed myself in the compositions which are so full of aspects and so visually multifaceted. Kim has said that he hoped his work tangled peoples brains.  I am confident by the conclude of this site you will see that he has managed that !

Kim in his studio.

Born in Seoul in 1986, when it came to enrolling at the city’s College of Fantastic Arts, Kim opted for the class on conventional Oriental painting and Aesthetics as his double main. During his reports he was taught the approaches guiding restoring the terrific Buddhist paintings of the past and was established tasks to faithfully duplicate them.  Of these duties Kim spoke about the enjoyment he attained from the various responsibilities:

“…It was just an intuition. Old paintings appear from religious action so they have an aura inside of, and a excellent elegance. The process is comforting, and I favored the scent of the silk and black ink…”

It took him just about a 10 years to graduate because the essential procedures took that considerably time to grasp and understand.

Readymade Flea Sector by Hun Kyu Kim. Pigment painted on silk.

Following graduating Kim became associated in political activism and he observed it tricky to acquire exhibition room for his do the job which had anti-authoritarian connotations.  He still left South Korea and travelled to London wherever, in 2015, he enrolled on a postgraduate training course at London’s Royal College or university of Artwork.  Through his activism times he learnt how to engineer a a lot more subtle activism with his allegorical depictions which left the observer to make a decision what they were being all about and he considered that all those who have suffered or are struggling oppression will recognize the paintings.

Way too Amazing for Shopping by Hun Kyu Kim. Pigment painted on silk

Though at one time he regarded himself to be a political artist, he now believes that considering that leaving his homeland he feels more peaceful and fewer politicised.  In his perform entitled Way too Interesting for Shopping we see anthropomorphic animals perform out endless and different storylines amidst a multicoloured, animated worlds.  Look meticulously and we can make out harassed catfish, sword-wielding pet dogs and rodents dressed in armour which commit functions of violence, malevolence and rascally deeds.  Their contorted expressions are scary.  Their eyes are bloodshot and yellow, and even their putrefied faces are at times partly decomposed.   As we search at the a variety of figures we are partly amused and partly horrified.

Derby Fans (Spring Working day) by Hun Kyu Kim. Pigment painted on silk.

Kim would most likely be looked upon as a workaholic.  He is in his studio portray ten hrs a working day and 7 days a week. It is what he loves undertaking and he states to entire one of his larger will work takes him at minimum a month.  The painting on silk is a intricate process.  His modus operandi is to get started the operate at one particular corner and permit particulars operate out bit by bit and one ought to keep in mind that any issues created are irreversible resulting in the portray staying binned.  So how does Kim cope with that issue?  According to him it is the situation of early morning meditation ahead of starting up get the job done!

Drowning by Hun Kyu Kim. Pigment painted on silk.

We are mindful that Kim’s has taken an inordinate sum of time to comprehensive his artworks.  It has eaten hrs and hrs of his time and in a way it requires we choose our time to meticulously peruse the depictions and consider in each attribute of it somewhat than just offering it the common cursory 5-2nd look, the regular time we allow for ourselves to acquire some pleasure from what we see.

Ark for One particular by Hun Kyu Kim (2017). Pigment painted on silk.

Kim&#8217s operate is what I feel you both enjoy or loathe. There is just no halfway dwelling !

8 Universes and The Equipment by Hun Kyu Kim.

The four paintings previously mentioned were portion of Kim’s initially solo exhibition in the United kingdom entitled The 8 Universes and The Device. The exhibition was held in November and December 2018 at The Tactic Gallery, a up to date artwork gallery positioned higher than a public residence of the exact name in Bethnal Eco-friendly, London.  The exhibition was entitled The Eight Universes and The Device.  His exhibition weaved intricate stories about an imaginary world. Nevertheless, Kim’s imagined environment gets to be an analogy for his comprehension and ideas with regards the incredibly authentic recent political scenario in South Korea and its disquieting transform because a stamping out of a corrupt routine.

Pigdog by Hun Kyu Kim

Kim’s Eight Universes and The Machine, has scrupulously produced eight parallel universes across his 8 paintings, comprising four seasons, night time and working day. The depictions integrated several hybrid animals symbolising a social standing this sort of as scholar, artist and labourer. Kim’s created worlds are envisaged to be beneath the manage of one particular large machine, neoliberal capitalism, which is a reference to an ideology encouraging totally free-market capitalism and minimum authorities intervention which has been the dominant and progressively pervasive financial program of the present-day globe due to the fact the late 1970s. 

Lifetime will come to be far more intriguing by Hun Kyu Kim. Colouring on silk with oriental pigments and taxidermy.

These exhibited works were being the very first 8 paintings from a significantly more substantial ongoing challenge that Kim is embarking on, which he terms as The Huge Image. A large endeavour, meticulously illustrating, in obsessive depth, a story combining Korean fairy tales, political historical past and folklore, as an first science fiction epic. Kim requires on the job of the storyteller.  Just about every story acts as an unbiased unit, but shares a typical planet entire of creativeness, informing a solitary overarching narrative.   The political concept Kim places around with these paintings exposes how neoliberalism perniciously operates in our modern society these days, and how, we, its subjects, innocently just take component in its operation to their possess drawback.

Unwashed by Hun Kyu Kim. Colouring on silk with oriental pigment.

Hun Kyu Kim presently life and works in London and in 2017 was the winner of the Chadwell Award.  This award was set up by Andrew Submit and Mary Aylmer in 2010 in memory of Andrew’s mom.  The award is presented to pupils as a bridge involving artwork college and apply as a expert artist by giving a current High-quality Artwork MA graduate a totally free studio in Bow, London for a year, jointly with a bursary of £1,000. In addition the Chadwell Award has a discretionary obtain grant of up to £4,000 to invest in a get the job done from the award holder at their end-of-award present.

So there you have it ! Enjoy it or dislike it &#8211 your final decision.

My upcoming blog will be all about colour but equally distinctive from mainstream artwork.

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