Ask a Gallery Owner: Let's Talk Framing

Thank you for this online video. It is a topic that weighs on my brain all of the time. I wont be inserting photos of my framed work as it is dependent on where by it will dangle and what the subject is and just how much I expect the patron to cough up. I listened to your blog and for the most section it doesn’t use to me completely. I do typically oil pastels and gentle pastel and they, of class will not be framed any way but underneath glass. With that reported, if I am genuine about it, I’d say that 50/50 my product sales are for the painting and only the painting. In fact, I’ve offered some, that have not even left the easel. Converse about tension to end the piece. (I was element of exhibitions where the artists have been in a “studio” of types, and the public could arrive and check out the artists do their things.) The relaxation, I’ve acquired the frame to improve the subject but not detract. (fashion, shade, measurement.) In a person scenario the body is actually not supplied a great deal see. It form of was an extension to the painting. Bought. This has worked for me, considerably. But if I depended on my profits for my meal, I’d starve. However, I did have just one exhibition that was primarily graphite and Scratchboard. These were fully framed in trim black with white mats. It created a quite fantastic display screen. I was so very pleased of it. So, you see, I frame not only for the piece, but for the location. Incidentally, out of 35 pieces, I marketed only just one. Disappointing, to say the least. Bottom line is, do you truly feel I am imagining this the incorrect way? Or potentially, overthinking?