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If any of these are true, you might have a bad case of the WAITS or the HOPES.

You’ve become complacent with your marketing. You’re happy to go through the motions around a routine you’ve created, and then wait passively for positive results.

There was a point when I was complacent about my marketing. I would write my blog posts every week and send teasers to my email list and post to Facebook and Twitter. (Yes, the fact that I was tweeting at the time dates my complacency.)

I was relying too much on the content I created for my existing email list without reaching out to new potential audiences. I’d post and then sit back and wait for something to happen.

As an aside … Sometimes I revisit topics like this because I need to hear them myself. Like your art practice, a successful business is also a practice—the result of dedicated time, experimentation, and consistency. We need to hear things repeatedly. We need to be reminded of possibilities.

My approach to creating content and sharing it worked really well for a long time—until my coach at the time challenged me to begin reaching out to new audiences.

This led to thinking more holistically about what a list is.

In my program Grow Your List, I define your list as much more than a database full of people who have opted into your emails.

Your list includes those people (that’s your email list) but it also includes friends, family, and those you encounter in everyday life: the parents you’ve befriended at your kids’ school, the coworkers at your day job, or the fellow parishioners at your church.

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