What the Art Teacher Wore Closet Tour!

Hey there! Today I thought I’d share a tour of my closet!

I’ve been asked many times to do a little closet tour and I DID do one a while back…when my closet was an actual closet. You can check that blog post out here. But there have been MANY reasons why I’ve always hesitated:

1. Because my closet is now a room. And, like, that’s kinda crazy. And excessive. And…a lot of things. I know this. But honestly, this room was just sitting unused. We don’t have kids and we don’t host house guests (yes, the family stays at hotels when they visit. Trust me when I say it’s a beautiful thing). So we had this unused room. And now it’s my closet.


2. Because…I have an embarrassing amount of stuff. I don’t get rid of anything, y’all. Well, I take that back. I do weed out ‘trendy’ impulse-buy items. These days I try to only pick up thrifted and resale clothing as well as artist-made goods. Notice the key words “I try”…but fashion is my creative outlet so and your girl loves to create ;).

3. Because this space is usually messy. I’ve had it kinda organized for a while but not until recently did I really get a place for everything. And while it’s clean, I thought what better time to tour!

It’s a long-winded tour. I had to stop and share all my fave things, right? So I apologize for the length but…here you go! My closet tour!

I created an Amazon store with links to all of the organizational items I share so I’ll be posting those down below. I know I struggled to find what works for me. Being a visual person, all of my stuff has to be out where I can see it. I tried to fight that method of organizing for a long time…but now I embrace it. It works for me!

Closet organizational items can be found here. From the pegboard, to the storage stool; from the cart to everything else, it’s all in that link!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments on the YouTube video. I had to turn off the comments here; I was getting so much spam it was crazy! 

But if you are looking to embrace your inner fashionista or just wanna organize as a visual person, lemme know. I’d be happy to help!

Until then, thanks for joining me!
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