Video Premiere: JEWLS - 'Realism'

Photo by @c.kassette

Interdisciplinary Cologne-based artist JEWLS drops the video for her disruptive indie-pop single ‘Realism’. With the new single ‘Realism’, JEWLS delivers a first taste of her debut album There Is No Sunset, that will be released in October this year. According to the title, JEWLS succumbs to the hopelessness and narcissism of her generation. She takes a dramatically determined leave from the happy ending of a standard Hollywood movie and opens up dystopian soundscapes and scenarios.

In her music video for ‘Realism’, directed by 3D and Motion Designer Noah Vogt, JEWLS creates fantastic and lush 3 worlds full of invasive flora that shatter her reality and make it impossible to return. Her self-created cosmos becomes her new home.

‘Realism’ criticises the conformity and the disappearance of subcultures through social media. Every possibility of individuality is destroyed by economically acting algorithms. Stay in your bubble is the motto – JEWLS decides to stay alone rather than in the wrong group with the wrong vibe.

‘Realism’ tells the story of misfits living in a world, that seems to be more and more taken over by “vanilla girls & boys”. The musician describes her dislike of superficiality and the assimilation of individuality in social media. Nowadays no one wants to stand out anymore, but rather generate external pleasing behaviour. The focus is on the addiction to endorphins. JEWLS rejects this homogenization.

Fake news, profiles, friends, who knows what even is real?
Reality becomes a blur, we build a facade and reality fades away. Realism is about bringing your reality into this, not liking the way it is, a never-ending process of change. We wanted to show a reality-oriented yet dreamy and bizarre world as a way to escape reality with Jewls being the main catalyst and bridge between absurdity and reality.

– Noah Vogt

Photo by @janarodenbusch

The songwriter, singer and producer first discovered her love for dark soundscapes, deep bass and different vocals in 2016, which resulted in some deep electronica and techno features. Since then, JEWLS has been finding her way to her own musical language, which she has been continuously refining ever since. Her songwriting has been characterized by a love of experimentation from the very beginning. In her latest singles, JEWLS created her own cinematic soundscapes, carried by her sometimes sensitive and sometimes moody voice. Her voice is an ambivalent expression that oscillates between fragility and night. JEWLS combines striking melodies with stylistic breaks and instrumental experimentation.

Shaped by political influences in her biography, the current discourse is important to her music, which lyrically works on gender roles and beauty ideals in social media, ecological issues and selfishness within our capitalist world. In doing so, she does not forget her own role within the system and questions her own standards, which are characterized by double standards. Because we seem to feel the abyss more and more, in all the crises, while we make ourselves comfortable in our dream-digital shelter, which promises us again and again and says: you must be fine, no bad vibes, no bad vibes in our New Balance sneakers.


3D and Motion Design by @auridotexe
Color Grading by @eiundrund

‘Realism’ is out now:

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