Heather DeJack | Episode 892

Heather DeJack is the owner of The Golden Opal. Heather is a self taught potter who makes slab built ceramic Tolkien inspired mugs!


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How hard was it to actually set up Patreon as a new media platform for yourself?

Well, there’s a lot of customization. It took quite a long time.

Do you price the expense of Patreon into the work so that you are still getting your full price?

So people on Patreon pay more than my average Etsy mug, just because they are getting a custom mug. And I factor their shipping into the cost of their monthly payment.

How does that work if someone join internationally. Do you have restrictions?

Sometimes I do. I take a hit there but I certainly don’t want to put restrictions on that end. I have already shipped last month to the U.K., to Canada, to Australia.

Has it helped to level the paying field for people getting access to your work?

For the most part. Yeah.

Have you heard anyone complaining because there is a long wait?

Not that I have seen so far. I haven’t seen anyone complain about that.

What is your favorite Tolkien quote?

It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life. 


Dune by Frank Herbert 


Etsy: TheGoldenOpal

Instagram: @the_golden_opal

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