Top Tips and Lessons for Using Chalk in your Art Room!


Last week I dumped everything I could think of into one video all about watercolor painting with kids. I hope you got something out of that video and enjoyed it! I made it just for you (and your sanity.

This week, I thought I’d share all things chalk! I know a lot of art teachers avoid chalk because of the mess. I’m going to encourage you to give this video a watch and try some of these tips on for size. I think you’ll find it helpful…and maybe even fall in love with using chalk with your students! 

Also in this post, I’m throwing in all of my very favorite chalk lessons and projects. All are free for you and your students to enjoy. 

I shared several projects in that video so I thought I’d place them and the links below for you to use!

Another method for liquid starch and chalk is this one I did with my fourth grade! Video lesson included here. 

One of my most popular lessons of all time is this one! BUT don’t do what I did: don’t make black glue! Instead, follow my demo in the video and go the much easier route of using Elmer’s Glue All and black marker. 

Before tackling their butterfly ceiling tile project, one second grade class created these beauties! A fun project for the end of the school year. 

Looking for a quick chalk project that introduces a contemporary artist? Try this one! 

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