The 3 Things I Do Before Every Art Lesson

Okay, so I’m gonna be honest: I’m not GREAT with consistency. BUT…I am consistent when I run my art class. Full disclosure: my art classes are (and yes, I still use the present tense; I’ve only been out of the art room for a month and I will always consider myself an art teacher so you’ll have to forgive me) 30 minutes long with all grades, kindergarten through 4th. So even tho I don’t consider myself a consistent person by nature, I’ve had to force myself to be for the sake of getting any true art teacherin’ accomplished. 

In those 30 minutes, I have a lotta routines established. Today I thought I’d share the three I use to begin each and every lesson. Some folks hate these routines of mine…and they are always sure to let me know. BUT in the end, you gotta do what works best for you, your students, your situation and your set up. 

That said, here’s the three things I do before every art lesson:

If you are interested, I wrote a whole dang book with my art teacherin’ tips and tricks in it. You can grab a copy here, if you like. 

And if you are interested in what I’m using in this video, be sure and read the description. I added links to all of the supplies from the Open/Closed sign to the tabletop dry erase board to the happy face magnets! Tap this link to view those and…subscribe! I’m adding a ton of new content to my YouTube channel. photo signature_zpsd10b3273.png