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The Spring Artist Newsletter is here! This edition showcases Lizzy Board who sends her friends on scavenger hunts with hand-painted postcards featuring landmarks in their city. She writes clues on the back of the postcard to send them out on their adventure.

“I had found a way to recreate the feeling of visiting a friend, as they show you around their new city and take you to all of their favorite hidden gems around town. Their happy places!”

It all started when Lizzy received a set of Strathmore watercolor cards from a childhood friend. Over the years, they had found themselves on opposite sides of the country and she decided to do something creative with the postcards!

“I was really excited about this idea and started sending scavenger hunt postcards to some other friends and family. It became such a nice way to keep in touch, and it almost felt as though I could explore their city with them, even from hundreds of miles away.”

As her idea has gained interest online, she now offers custom postcards of various sentimental locations: childhood homes, favorite cafes, wedding venues, etc.

Read more about Lizzy’s handmade scavenger hunt postcard process in the Artist Newsletter.


2023 Online Workshops
Our FREE 2023 Online Workshops are in full swing! You can follow along to our free video lessons, brought to you by experienced artists who will demonstrate their tips, techniques and ideas on 4 different topics:

  1. Drawing What You See AND What You Don’t with Kelly Foss
  2. Spontaneous Watercolor Landscapes with Steve Mitchell
  3. Rendering Portraits in Different Mediums with Hazylle Mae
    Start Date: August 7, 2023
  4. Colorful Watercolor Sketchbooking with Jane Beata
    Start Date: November 6, 2023

Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Artwork by Steve Mitchell from Spontaneous Watercolor Landscapes

Strathmore 300 Series Stretched Canvas

Our NEW Strathmore 300 Series Stretched Canvas is an ideal choice for artists of all skill levels. Excellent for use with acrylic, oil, and water mixable oil paints. They’re also sturdy enough for heavy applications such as mixed media, collage, and impasto. Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Mini Gouache Floral Landscapes with Zoe Lee

Follow along with Zoe in this four-part tutorial series as she demonstrates how to paint four different mini floral landscapes: cherry blossoms, daises, sunflowers, and poppies! Learn more in the Artist Newsletter.

Artist Spotlight: Pooja Umrani

Pooja was a full-time IT professional who quit her career to take on the dream of doing something creative – establishing and nurturing a successful art business! Read about it in the Artist Newsletter.

Celebrating Earth Day with Artist Leslie Espino

Follow along with Leslie as she demonstrates how to create a 3D Paper Click Beetle piece using Strathmore recycled and tree-friendly paper. You can find the tutorial video in the Artist Newsletter.

All About Watercolor Granulation

Granulation is an interesting characteristic of watercolor that causes the paint layer to look textured or mottled. This textured appearance is caused by pigment particles clustering together rather than staying evenly dispersed within the layer of watercolor paint. Read the full article to learn more about Watercolor Granulation in the Artist Newsletter.

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