Shatner in Space - the poem
William Shatner in Space

William Shatner in Area

William Shatner in House 

by Robert Maniscalco

Consider the younger and the previous Shatner,
both equally, who, in the understatement of any century,
I deeply admire.
But I really don’t go to Star Trek conventions
for the reason that I am not a joiner.
That is mainly because of my emulation,
normally to a fault,
of the fabled Captain James T. Kirk.
The contemporary-working day Odysseus, my gestalt.
from the Iliad and the Odyssey, that epic poem.
I far too am on a journey, forward-seeing
encountering horrible obstructions and alien forces,
trying to find my way household
– that perception of relationship, familiarity and wellbeing.
I even performed Odysseus in a touring children’s theatre
back again in my New York City performing times.
But in all my adventures and ordeals in everyday living,
Much too quite a few strategies of staying to contemplate right here,
that feeling of belonging was by no means current, scarcely observed.
It was ripped from me
when I was sexually assaulted at the age of fourteen
by my sister’s fiancé’,
a radiologist from Children’s Hospital,
Dr. Gustovo Fernandez.
I say his name so we don’t overlook the monsters
even even though they have generally overlooked us.
I glammed on to Captain Kirk.
He was my survival pod, my omnibus,
commanding my ship by way of strife
in this ongoing mission of my life,
and the absurdity of my odd existence,
permanently altered by that fateful weekend
held prisoner by that carnivorous centaur,
not not like so numerous villains in the Star Trek lore.
It life in my core, to be that lone traveler by means of everyday living,
separated from many others, keeping on to my command.
How fortuitous for me,
right after plenty of treatment and perhaps too a lot soul exploring,
to stumble and land on a Christ-centered relatives
created all around my grounded and most beautiful wife, Cate
who does not have an understanding of the loathe
or why people today would want to vacation into house in the very first location.

Edited to remove the plexi wall

Which brings me to the painting about Shatner’s journey,
from iconic Tv hero to serious daily life area traveler.
It is about his perception from his momentary fling with place,
which relates to me so deeply, to my tale up earlier mentioned.
Although touring in Bezo’s spaceship,
struck by the blackness and foreboding of place
juxtaposed towards this beautiful area,
our deep blue earth,
teaming with lifetime and possibility.
I set out to capture that perception, for what ever it is worth,
his more youthful and his older deal with,
with the Earth and Solar the only constants.
we are alone in the blackness of room,
which results in a hole in the painting, in the wall on which it hangs,
in fact in time and space itself,
from the angst of Freud
to that vacant, meaningless void.

Just one of my fondest reminiscences as a lad,
when I was between the age of 6 and 9,
sitting down on the couch with my father,
taking in popcorn, drinking Coke,
looking at the to start with run of Star Trek,
just about every Saturday evening, acquiring woke.
Rapid ahead forty years to the premier of Star Trek,
with a manufacturer-new cast, completely understood by the genius of J. J. Abrams.
There I am at the Detroit science centre,
with my six-calendar year-outdated son,
my to start with relationship having just finished,
enduring Star Trek all over again, for the incredibly very first time.
The symmetry is both overwhelming and fun.
I weep in the deal with of that beauty’s operate.
Danny is so worried to see his daddy cry,
so I hold him tightly. Damn, that IMAX display is high.
As we know, Star Trek specials a good deal with time journey
And in that moment,
I sense my linier perception of time unravel.
I see myself as a baby, a center-aged guy, and old male – all in just one,
a absolutely free soul trapped in this distracting tomb of flesh.
Certainly, I comprehend time by itself has had no this means, now or then.
But on the degree nevertheless to come, it is correct,
the previous, present and upcoming coexist as a person
and we will stay in the blank place of zen,
in the what and who – and not the when.

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