Reverie “Chimera” at Cassina Projects, Milan

Displayed on the upper floor of the gallery space the exhibition unveils the artist’s new body of sculptural works which initiates her most recent cycle Ritualità quotidiana. On the inaugural night a one-time-only performance titled Primo rito quotidiano will be staged by the artist. A symbolic visual reenacting of birth, a ritual gesture of temporary mutilation charged with sacred values, the performing act will lead to the actual completion of the artworks on show.

While the artist’s approach to the medium has been devised for a long time, for the occasion Reverie will be performing impromptu without prior rehearsals.

With the exhibition which builds upon two years of sociological investigation and community studies, Reverie unconsciously and ostentatiously puts herself and her body at the forefront and at the epicenter of her own reflection. She envisions a new genderless “Chimera,” made of one body whose organs, apparatus and body parts are taken apart and singularly represented as artworks.

“Chimera,” known as a mythological creature, compounded of incongruous parts belonging to different animals and endowed with supernatural powers and human intelligence, is for the artist the representation of our collectivity, at the same time as the epitome of individuality.

Nomen omen, an ancient belief that destiny is in your name.
The expression can’t be more appropriate for Reverie, a term signifying the condition of abandonment to dream up.
Tautology: The word rêverie is mostly used in Italian language of literary, artistic, and musical criticism.
Hands-on daydreamer who does not accept obstacles as limits, Reverie is herself the matter of her artistic practice.
In a timeless condition of vulnerability and strength, the artist body functions as a Porifera filtering without any fear stimuli from the surroundings and reverting back an amplified reality.

Rituality is in Reverie’s life. The precious manners to tender herself to others, a rose, a poetry, her voice and her rhythmic words, the generosity, her clear truth, every moment, gesture, and pose is for the sake of art.
The artist presence is magnetic and edgy at the same time. Conversating with her puts the interlocutor in a timeless stage where age difference evaporates.

As she is the essence of her art, her being has the form of a continuous performance—at times aware, at times oblivious.

at Cassina Projects, Milan
until June 1, 2023

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