Sanibel Seagulls, 33 x 36", Oil, © Derek Penix

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Derek Penix

Sanibel Seagulls, 33 x 36", Oil, © Derek Penix
Sanibel Seagulls                         33 x 36″                         Oil

    The clean, energetic performs of Derek Penix invite us in to examine them—and the extra we check out, the a lot more we learn as our eyes journey from corner to corner. The designs and shades often defy the tradition of a central focal stage and as an alternative manual us to devote time identifying treasures across the canvas. Penix has won awards in pretty much 100 national competitions in the last  twelve several years. He teaches art workshops around the place and at this time life in Laguna Beach front, California. We requested Penix to write us about his inspiration, his capability to combine complex ability with suggestive gestural picture-earning, and his direction into the summary. He begun by telling us about developing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma..

Peach Orchard, 20 x 20", Oil, © Derek Penix
Peach Orchard                         20 x 20″                         Oil


Wren, 6 x 6", Oil, © Derek Penix

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