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Responses by Egor Mikhailov, project manager; and Masha Samokhodkina, art director and designer, Little Room.

Background: Little Big is a Los Angeles–based raved band from Saint Petersburg known for provocative viral YouTube videos. They approached us to create a website for their tenth anniversary and a new video release. Our goal was to capture the band’s unique vibe and complement the world they’ve created in their videos. The site primarily caters to Little Big fans, champion their beloved videos and provide an interactive experience.

The website serves as a showcase for the band, enabling visitors to discover Little Big and dive into their art. Fans can buy concert tickets and connect with the band directly.

Design core: We believe this website perfectly represents Little Big, reflecting their aesthetic with a bold, provocative design that appeals to both the band and their fans. We used a brutal style with vibrant colors, aggressive fonts and intentionally messy photo clipping.

The site is packed with interactive features and hidden Easter eggs. On the main page, users can move and interact with elements such as creating their own portrait of Ilich, the band’s frontman. The contact page lets you try drawing a bear inspired by one of Ilich’s tattoos.

Challenges: We had complete creative freedom without limitations, which presented its own challenges. It’s rare to work with a client who has no specific requirements, but it was also a responsibility and a professional pleasure.

Balancing creativity, interactivity, usability and loading speed proved to be challenging. Our focus was to ensure and easy, clear experience for users looking to buy tickets and contact the band.

Divergent paths: If we were to start over, we’d emphasize the site’s drama and storytelling more. We wanted to take users on a music video–like journey with a plot, climax and denouement. There are also noteworthy video clips that we haven’t incorporated visually, but we see them as potential additions in future updates. We believe the site should evolve and stay dynamic to reflect the band’s progress in new creative eras.

Navigation structure: The site’s structure is simple with only three pages, including the homepage. We rephrased menu items into interactive elements to grab attention. In addition to the standard header menu, call-to-action buttons and links to inside pages are duplicated further on the main page. A prominent block on the top of the page highlights the band’s tour, ensuring users don’t miss it while scrolling. At the bottom, there is a clickable shopping cart of merchandise. Items can be moved around in the cart with the mouse.

Each subsequent block intersects with the previous one, using overlapping elements to encourage users to keep scrolling. It’s like the blocks say, “Hey, look! There’s more interesting stuff ahead!”

Technology: We built the website using the low-code platform Tilda. We’re still amazed at how low-code solutions offer designers and developers ample opportunities.

New lessons: We are proud of this work. We believe we’re setting the bar for other musicians’ and creators’ sites, so they won’t use standard multilink pages that complete ignore the artist’s personality.

During the project, our team learned not to think in patterns or even in a grid. The project differs from many that we have done in its boldness and challenges our setups and attitudes that are stuck in the web-design world right now. Punk’s not dead!

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