Juxtapoz Magazine - Jason REVOK: The Artist’s Instruments @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Artists seldom expose their studio tips and inventive approach, and whilst that can spark a perception of surprise, it can also produce a distance between themselves and the viewer. Jason REVOK, a single of the pioneering graffiti artists of our time, is the antidote to that solution. In excess of the yrs, he has shared the creation of hypnotic, summary geometric paintings that make bold statements out of movement and mark-creating. Wielding selfmade spraycan equipment, he bestows an structured second of likelihood on the canvas, as if mimicking graffiti as the artwork of physicality. That is the vital to REVOK, his artwork a power of material and motion. Due to the fact shifting to Detroit, with his eager photographic eye, he tells a tale of labor and creation in these mechanical is effective, portrayed versus a backdrop of a fading industrial empire in the midwest amidst the emergence of robotic production.

Documenting abandoned buildings and the lively character they after possessed, he finds the essence of American ingenuity and architectural innovation, traits lost in the technological revolution. In The Artist’s Devices, on view at MOCAD from November 5, 2022 through March 26, 2023, there is a drive and pull in between automation and the artist’s hand. The famed “spirographs” and “frame drags”  of his uncooked social media accounts chronicle a dialogue about natural and organic system and equipment. Aptly, the host of this exhibit is Detroit, historic middle of American Industrialization and the prosperity that grew and plunged as a final result of exporting labor and operate. REVOK challenges this paradigm,  remaining a single of the most thrilling and insightful artists functioning right now. His debut museum demonstrate will undoubtedly be the commencing of several. —Evan Pricco

All images Courtesy the artist, Museum of Present-day Art Detroit, and Library Avenue Collective

Above is our Radio Juxtapoz podcast with Jason REVOK in February 2019

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