Juxtapoz Magazine - Glenn Hardy, Jr. Asks "Who Am I If I Don’t Represent" @ Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

Charlie James Gallery is delighted to current our 2nd solo clearly show with Maryland-centered self-taught artist Glenn Hardy Jr. titled Who Am I If I Really don’t Signify? opening to the community on January 14th, 2023 from 6-9pm at 969 Chung King Highway in Los Angeles.  

Glenn Hardy’s artistic exercise shaped in response to the mass of negative visual language permeating the Black American expertise: endless depictions of violence and solutions of threat running like a net all-around an total community, limiting social movement and actively endangering lives. Hardy’s paintings are basically performative functions of self-preservation achieved by means of the cultivation of empathy in their viewers.  More than mere survival though, Hardy’s performs declare a personal and collective perseverance to increase and to reside unapologetically and devoid of panic. In interviews Hardy has constantly expressed an affinity for the operate of Kerry James Marshall and Ernie Barnes, the influence of both guys currently being obviously visible in the get the job done. Hardy’s perform ought to also be examined alongside that of 20th century American artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell. Rockwell encoded an index of write-up-war American narratives by means of his magazine covers and paintings. Hardy’s function seeks to in the same way encode good narratives of the modern Black American expertise, and in so undertaking beat present bias.

The scenes introduced in “Who Am I If I Really don’t Depict?” are centered in gatherings and reunions, supported by portraits of perform, perform, and different kinds of achievement. Hardy sees the paintings as almost a linear narrative from privation to progress, supported through by buddies and loved ones, culminating in accomplishment and celebration. Text from the artist: “This show will take you on a journey, from the occasions of having nothing, pursuing your desires and hoping it’ll be the way out, to getting advice from the OG’s that sat in rocking chairs on the porch, from rekindling associations that were being absent for so prolonged it made you say, ‘long time, no see,’ to celebrating that instant when you can at last say, ‘look momma, I produced it’.”