Juxtapoz Magazine - Giorgiko Brings "The Seed of Peace" to Hong Kong

WOAW Gallery is pleased to present The Seed of Peace, a solo exhibition by the Los Angeles-based artist duo Giorgiko curated with Thinkspace Projects. The exhibition features 25 new oil paintings and ink drawings that explore the search for peace in its different forms and the costs of obtaining it. The exhibition is on view at WOAW Gallery’s location at Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, through May 25, 2023. 

Through the journeys of childlike characters, Giorgiko takes viewers on a captivating exploration of the pursuit of peace. The characters navigate scorched lands, tumultuous storms, and wild dogs in search of shelter. In this new series of artwork, a divine seed is a centrepiece that grows into a pure white olive tree, standing in gentle contrast to the chaos of the environment, offering peace to the children. Giorgiko draws inspiration from the sacred story of Christ’s self-sacrificing death and resurrection, which bring peace to many. The exhibition presents a parallel story: the death and rebirth of a seed, which grows into a new plant and offers shade to all who would rest under it. 

Giorgiko’s unique interpretation of this story offers viewers a fresh perspective on the search for peace. Viewers are invited to contemplate their own sources of peace in temporal and lasting forms. Giorgiko’s work reminds us that peace cannot be forcefully taken or manufactured but rather needs to be planted gently.