Juxtapoz Magazine - Evening All Day: Danielle Roberts @ Fredericks & Freiser, NYC

Fredericks & Freiser is pleased to announce Evening All Working day, Danielle Roberts’ to start with solo exhibition in New York. In her moody and atmospheric paintings, Roberts explores the different psychological states brought on by her generation’s societal instability.  Roberts’ configurations – strip mall parking heaps, residing home sofas, metropolis rooftops, and outside parks – are common to vast audiences. Still, when rendered with otherworldly coloration and remarkable chiaroscuro, they feel transitory and strange. Unstable feelings are communicated via uncanny lights –both phenomenal and foreboding– and fragmented coloration that coalesces in a different way across canvases. Some figures are made up of geometric patches of hues that are visually delineated from each individual other. In contrast, other bodies are built up of a similar patchwork of coloration but by swaths that blur alongside one another a little bit.

Solitude follows Roberts’ figures as they amble across an urban landscape populated by buddies, enthusiasts, and passersby.  These transitory times, at after collectively however disconnected, all seem to be to be anticipating some thing just out of get to.  A cinematic environment bolstered by an synthetic light imbues these scenes with Roberts’ signature radiant glow. The vivid and dark mood matches the interior, untethered condition of the figures who appear to be oddly stuck. They wander as if they are perpetually paying out their past $20 on a further spherical of drinks. 

Roberts does not shy absent from irritation and awkwardness in her worlds. She hones in on the pathos of her personal ordeals and these of her friends which are at when unique, exceptional to every single of Roberts’ figures, and universal, instantaneously recognizable to audiences. The artist does not retreat into her painted worlds as an escape from the mind-boggling panic and instability coursing through present-day modern society rather, she pushes proper up versus them, opening people spaces onto her audiences. There is an insistence on life and desire, even if all those dreams are difficult. The men and women of her scenes – withdrawn and ambivalent – wade by way of the mess, surviving on their own phrases.

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