Fill the niche: Funny Art Is No Joke

March 2, 2023 by Displate Artists Team in Art Tips

Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

A chuckle. A smile. A little pick-me-up!

Everyone loves a distraction that can brighten up their day (and wall).

And that’s exactly what your art can do!

Here are some ideas on how to capitalize on that need for uplifting content:

Speak to people’s interests

Give them art that’s both relevant and meme-orable. And hopefully funnier than that terrible pun.

Mirror mirror on the wall

You know what’s funny? Laughing at ourselves! So many silly behaviors, hangups, and habits to comment on. Go for it and don’t hold back!

Cute is always in

Doesn’t have to be a knee-slapper – sometimes art should simply bring a smile. Cute characters and goofy critters to the rescue!

Keep it original

Don’t get tangled into somebody else’s work or property. There are thousands of good ideas out there, just waiting to be plucked out of the ether. Reach out and find yours!

Funny is the new popular

People love a good joke! Especially the ones that never get old. 

Just like metal posters!

ANYWAY, our best-selling artist Ciucinciu Tiberius knows all about making and selling art in hilarious quantities. And he’s got some insight on how to smile your way to the bank:

‘I believe art takes itself too seriously most of the time. In terms of creating funny art, there are no rules to follow, you just need to have a healthy sense of humor. Healthy as in alive and kicking! Dark and weird humor is also healthy and very much welcome, because it stirs people’s minds.’

Judgmental Duck

‘Some artworks can go too far into wonky territory that they pass into the meme realm. THE MEMES, MAN! I love ‘em, you love ‘em, everybody loves ‘em. Some are reactions, some are relatable, others are sooooo far out that they would make Lynch’s brain go on a scheduled restart. I believe memes are the next logical medium of art! […]

My personal guideline when painting an artwork that’s meant to be funny is to play with absurdity, ridiculousness, excitement, cuteness, epicness, and weirdness, just to name a few. I have a growing folder with pics of animals in a variety of poses and situations, which inspire a different or amplified story around them. Like what I did with The Intervention.

The Intervention

The art of making people laugh!

You know, humor is very subjective. And so is art!

But there are some tips that can help you create cheeky designs that will boost your sales before you can say Aristophanes.

Here goes:

Follow the trend(s)

Keep track of what’s hot right now and make a list. Then give them your own satirical spin.

Plan a collection

Try to think in terms of collections, not single pieces. There’s a better chance your fans will find something they want and then come back for more! Our blog post explains it further.

No funny business

Copyright infringement is no joke! Stick to your original ideas, away from established IPs or copyrighted material. Your sense of humor is better anyway.

Bag it and tag it

Help more people discover your collection(s) by using the proper tags. Some suggestions: funny, meme, joke, comedy, cute,

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know in that department.

Time to upload

Oh god, sorry about that pun. But if you do need any tips about the uploading process, this blog post has all the answers!

Plus, you can always reach our team at [email protected].

Need more inspiration? Here are some examples of what our customers are looking for:

Mashz – I hate my job
Qwerty Designs – Bird watching

Come on, give us a smile!

Making people laugh is its own reward, but when they also pay you for it, that’s not a bad reward either!

Another cool thing about comedy artworks is that they don’t usually have to be overly elaborate or detailed to get the job done.

So don’t overthink it; just follow your instincts, put on a smile, and draw people in! The last laugh is yours for the taking 🙂

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