Podcast Ep 119 Carmel Jenkin Figurative Artist

In today’s artwork podcast we are speaking to Carmel Jenkin. Carmel is a figurative artist from Melbourne Australia who specialises in the feminine form. We both equally came throughout Carmel at close to the exact time but on distinctive social media platforms. We have been speedy enthusiasts. Her paintings are exceptionally wonderful and special.

Podcast Ep 119 Carmel Jenkin Figurative Artist

In this interview, Carmel talks truthfully about how her artwork about the many years has reflected her relationship to her individual physique. Not only is Carmel a prolific artist but she is amazingly good at producing exciting and partaking content material across social media. So as you can visualize we have a substantial amount to talk about currently. This is an interview you will not want to miss.

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Carmel jenkin figurative art

©copyright Carmel Jenkin

Some of the inquiries we requested Carmel

  • To start with of all, can you notify us the place your journey in to art started?
  • Did you go to artwork college?
  • What drew you to focus on woman figures in particular?
  • Ended up your figures often summary? How did you come across your model
  • Do you show up at daily life drawing courses for inspiration and reference?
  • Wherever else do you discover your inspiration?
  • What is your painting procedure from selecting on your subject matter – sketching images etcetera?
  • Do you at any time feel that your painting is just not doing work? And how do you get in excess of that hurdle?
  • Do you do your artwork whole time? If not how do you organise your time?
  • Do you ever discover procrastination to be a issue? How do you make your self do the job even when you really do not sense like it?
  • What would you say, is the greatest way for a amateur artist to produce their own exceptional fashion?
  • You are so good at Social Media. You are continuously putting out wonderful reels, posts and tales. How do you uncover the time to make this sort of a stream of great information? Do you have any guidelines to make it simpler?
  • We first discovered you on Twitter as you were being advertising NFTs. When and how did you get into this new current market to market your artwork?

Hook up with Carmel Jenkin

Internet site: www.carmeljenkin.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/carmeljenkin

Fb: www.facebook.com/carmeljenkinartist/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/carmeljenkin

Carmel Jenkin painting

©copyright Carmel Jenkin


Carmel Jenkin Art

©copyright Carmel Jenkin


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