Drawing Workshop with Kelly Foss

Join our free drawing workshops with Instructor Kelly Foss in her series titled Drawing What You See & What You Don’t.

Through 4 video lessons Kelly will improve students’ ability to draw realism but not be limited by it. One of the best things about making art is taking control of your creative choices. The first lesson about drawing your hand, and the second lesson about drawing a statue will help students build solid drawing techniques, enabling them to better draw what they see. In lesson three and four, students will be shown how to envision new life to their artworks, drawing by dreaming and design.

Supply List:

Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan, Gray or Blue Sketch paper, 80lb (118gsm)
Lyra Rembrandt Polycolors Pencils, set of 12
Lyra Rembrandt White Pastel Pencil
Lyra Rembrandt Graphite Pencil 6B
Lyra Orlow-Techno Eraser
Princeton Hake Brush, 2”


Lesson 1: Drawing Your Hand
Students will learn to use the classical “trois crayons” technique to draw skin tone. Using your most handy model, Kelly will demonstrate how to draw your own hand with red, black, and white.

Lesson 2: Drawing a Statue
With toned paper, graphite and white, this lesson will go over the benefits of drawing statues, choosing your subject, and how to simply (and enjoyably) draw.

Lesson 3: Drawing with Imagination
Starting with reality as a jumping off point, Kelly will lead viewers through her drawing a seated figure, dreaming up more and more elements, onto completion.

Lesson 4: 5 Ways to Add Interest to Your Art
No more feeling like your artwork is boring! Students will finish the lesson feeling energized to implement 1 or more of the 5 ways Kelly shares about adding visual interest to art.


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