Catch Up on These 5 Fun Art Techniques and Make Art With Us!

The last few years have left art teachers feeling drained and frustrated. While artmaking can’t fix some of the problems, it can help us process what we are going through and help us stay passionate about our field and craft. Carve out thirty minutes each Monday and hop on AOEU’s Instagram Live: Make Art With Me. During this time, you will have the opportunity to recharge with inspiring artmaking techniques, tips, and ideas. Join Sarah Krajewski, a variety of talented art teacher guests, and the rest of the AOEU art teacher community for a deep breath of fresh air amidst the chaos of the classroom.

Here are five fun Make Art With Us episodes to catch up on if you missed them!

1. “Square Smash Books” with Carole Drummond-Johnson

square smash books

Join veteran elementary art teacher Carole Drummond-Johnson as she walks us through how to make these pocket-sized altered books. This is a great project or activity to incorporate into your classroom when you are short on supplies, and it is a fantastic way to use up scrap paper. All students need are three square papers, coloring supplies, a glue stick, and scissors.

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For a deeper investigation into altered books, check out the FLEX Collection, Exploring Book Making.

2. “Tin Foil Printmaking” with Ishel Brimhall

tin foil printmaking

Ishel Brimhall brings so much energy to this episode of Make Art With Me! Learn how to use everyday materials such as tin foil and washable markers to make beautifully textured prints. Try this method with students of all ages!

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Take a peek at more elementary printmaking ideas in this PRO Pack.

3. “Kinetic Thaumatropes” with Katie Carey

kinetic thaumatropes

Katie Carey is an elementary art teacher and former graphic designer. She brings a unique activity with these kinetic thaumatropes! Kinetic thaumatropes were popular optical illusion toys in the 1800s. Students will be entranced with how they can merge two drawings into one image. This is also a great introduction to animation.

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4. “Pool Noodle Crayons” with Dayna Ensminger

pool noodle crayons

Do you need some new classroom decor to spruce up your room? Or do you need an engaging prop for your next color theory lesson? DIY these giant crayons out of pool noodles or cardboard tubes and colored duct tape. Follow Dayna Ensminger for more colorful art teacher outfits and rainbow-themed posts.

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Read this article for twenty-seven more ways to design an inviting art room.

5. “Sketchbook Prompts” with Candido Crespo

sketchbook prompts

Candido Crespo is an elementary and middle school art teacher in New York. He’s an expert at bringing comics to his art students. If you are looking for a way to spice up your sketchbook prompts, take a look at this idea to turn drawing into a game! Create two dice, one with a color written on each side and one with an object written on each side. Students roll both dice, and the results tell them what they need to illustrate.

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Make sure to follow AOEU on Instagram and subscribe to the AOEU YouTube channel so you don’t miss any more Make Art With Me episodes. Go ahead and block out Mondays on your calendar now. When you take thirty minutes a week to prioritize your creativity and exercise your artmaking skills, it can remind you why it’s key to take time for yourself. It can also remind you of your “why” and what you have to offer to your students. Bonus? Gain new techniques, ideas, and a vibrant art teacher community worth networking with. Mark those calendars, and we will see you on Monday!

What has been your favorite Make Art With Me episode so far? 

What techniques or mediums would you love to see in a future episode? 

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