Cassie Stephens: The Dot School-Wide Collaborative

Hello, close friends! I’m psyched to share that the university-large collaborative my initial by fourth quality learners produced at THE Commencing of the college year (yikes!) is ultimately set up. Like, ultimately.

Y’all, while I do love having all pupils creating a collab at the start out of the college year, why do I do it to myself? It truly is so a great deal get the job done on my conclusion! All the attaching to bulletin board paper and hanging…it can be so considerably! AND I often procrastinate! And however I do it 12 months following calendar year. Such a glutton for punishment, I guess.

Here is a look inside of the approach of hanging this beast with some of my ideas:

When hanging something this major, it takes everything in your resource belt (as effectively as a handy new music teacherin’ pal). Test out my tip on binder clips and long tabs of paper. It will help!

I’ve not completed an official post on how we developed these dot paintings but I will notify you: it was tremendous uncomplicated! In fact, it’s one particular of my fave kindergarten classes which you can obtain the facts on below. 

All students commenced with a dot in the center of their paper. The paper was prefolded so that each and every dot was specifically in the middle. That means I quarter folded the paper, at the time in fifty percent a single way and then in fifty percent the other. Dot was placed at the intersection of all those two folded traces. 

Like the kidnergarten lesson, every single scholar was then instructed to paint concentric circles all-around their dot making use of any shades of tempera paint they preferred!

When dry, the paintings have been cut along those people folded strains. They have been then rearranged and glued to a black piece of building paper. This aspect was tricky so pupils aided one particular a different. 

Early finishers painted the wording of the indicator!

And then the beast was hung…where by it shall continue to be for a Lengthy, Long time. Or the close of the school year in which I will have the pupils minimize it aside to acquire household their circles (it’s possible. Or I may perhaps go away it up right up until upcoming 12 months!). 

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