Artcentron Achieves Recognition as a Leading Art Website

Artcentron achieves recognition as a leading art website and takes its place in the spotlight

There is celebration in the air as Artcentron achieves recognition as a leading art website. In addition to making the list of the top art websites in Baltimore, it is also on the list of the top 40 art news websites.


Artcentron has been named one of the top art websites in Baltimore, Maryland. The announcement was made recently by FeedSpot. Artcentron’s innovation and devotion to bringing the attention of a global audience to what is happening in the Baltimore art scene is one major reason for this recognition. Artcentron is also on the Top Art News Website alongside The Art Newspaper, Artsy, Artnews Magazine, Artnet News, and several others.

A spokesperson for Artcentron said it was an honor to be one of the top art websites in Baltimore, Maryland, and to be on the list of top art news websites. He noted that Artcentron has published many articles about the Baltimore art scene over the years. “The objective is not just to inform but to also educate Baltimoreans about what is going on in the Baltimore art community,” he said. The spokesperson identified the riots that followed the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the police as one of the major heartbreaks of covering the Baltimore art scene. In addition to covering the events that led to his death, he noted that Artcentron also wrote about how the uprising disrupted art activities in Baltimore.

Artcentron: Shining Light on Baltimore Art

For emphasis, the spokesperson also highlighted the effort the company has put into reporting and writing many articles on the annual Baltimore Artscape, Baltimore Antique Show, Baltimore Book Fair, and Otakon, among many others. “When Otakon left Baltimore for Washington, DC, we were the first to report on it, capturing the disappointment of Baltimoreans.” He added that Artcentron has also written articles and reviews about art exhibitions at the Baltimore Museum of Arts, Walters Art Museum, American Visionary Museum, and Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

The spokesperson adds:

“Our promise is to continue to do our best to report on art in Baltimore and surrounding areas. From visual arts to theater, performances, art talks, museums, galleries, art fairs, and so many others, we pledge our commitment to bring everything to our global audience and put art in Baltimore on a global footing.”

The spokesperson for Artcentron thanked readers for making the company one of Baltimore’s top art websites. “The reason Artcentron is doing well is because of the support of Baltimoreans, and we will continue to do our part to bring you the top news about art in Baltimore and the vicinity. We cannot succeed without your help, so we continue to encourage you to continue reading and engaging with our articles, not just by reading but also by leaving comments so we can better understand what our readers want. More importantly, let our writers know you appreciate their work. We also request that you message us directly if you have any complaints.

Submission of Articles

The spokesperson also called on artists and readers to contribute to the growth of the website by submitting articles.  “If you are an artist or art professional, you can submit materials to appear on our website under Artcentron Celebrated. This is a category on our website where we feature all those in the art profession who are doing exceptional work.

Other blogs and websites named on the list of “Top Baltimore Art Blogs and Websites” include BmoreArt, Baltimore Museum of Art,  and Ann Shafer Blog.

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