5 Wedding and Engagement Rings Styles to Know About

There is no denying that an engagement is one of the most memorable moments in life. And when we talk about the engagement and the wedding ring, it definitely add cherry to the top. But in most cases, it becomes quite difficult to find the best ring for your better half. The reason behind is the availability of many different styles and designs out there. These days, the old rules of buying engagement or wedding rings have changed. These days, rings are all about the individual choices, likings and style. Different people have different budget when it comes to the engagement/wedding rings. And for every budget, there is a sparkler ring out there to choose from. Today we are going to discuss 5 wedding/engagement rings styles that you should keep in mind while shopping for an wedding/engagement ring;

5 Wedding and Engagement Rings Styles to Know About

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When we discuss about the most traditional and classical engagement or wedding ring, the first kind of ring that comes to our mind is a solitaire. This name of solitaire means that there is only one stone in the design of the ring. In this kind of ring, a solitaire diamond/stone is generally mounted on a simple band to show off its sparkle. In case you love simple style and want to go classy as well then solitaire ring such as diamond wedding rings should be your choice.


A cluster ring is made by combining many smaller stones to create a similar effect of a larger diamond. For this reason, cluster rings, are also called “illusion” rings. For those who cannot buy a solitaire ring due to its heavy pricing, a cluster ring is one of the best options to choose from. These rings sparkle your finger without putting much burden on your pocket.


A cathedral ring has a wonderful, elegant and traditional style. In a cathedral ring, the shank and shoulder metal goes up in support of the diamond, which is mounted on the ring. These rings give a structural and architectural vibe to an engagement ring thus it adds a sophisticated look.

Baroque engagement ring

A Baroque engagement ring is well known for its decorative and artistic touch. When there is a requirement of an engagement ring that is unique, has an antique feel, filled with intricate detail, and has nature-inspired patterns then Baroque engagement ring comes to the rescue. This kind of ring is perfect for those who love to have a Maximalist style with a passion for art, design, and all things vintage.

Gem stone engagement ring

Gemstone engagement rings are perfect for those who love rings with gemstones. These gemstone engagement rings have been in vogue since the time immemorial and still these look classy. If you are looking for some stylish engagement/Wedding rings then a gemstone engagement ring should be your pick.

Final lines

Overall, the above mentioned, engagement rings are a few of the engagement/wedding ring styles you should know about. There are many more ring styles that you can choose from but here we have mentioned only some of the most popular rings for engagement/wedding. If you want to buy pretty and budget friendly engagement/wedding ring then you can check out jqueen jewelry. We really hope you would love this website for sure. 

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