10 Reasons to Join My Moab By Day & Night Workshop!

10. The Moab region has so a lot to present and we have park permits to carry out our workshop in both of those Canyonlands and Arches NP’s. This is a amazing put to capture the beautifully sculpted rock formations and stars at evening!

9. Check two Countrywide Parks off your bucket checklist. Do you have a Countrywide Parks passport? It’s possible it is time to get a single and get started browsing the web pages of “Americas Finest Plan!”

8. Our assorted itinerary consists of a wide variety of locations locating abstracts in reflections alongside the edges of the river, some of my favored petroglyphs and pictographs, and of course evening sessions.

7. Moab is a compact city that relies on tourism to fuel its wants, fantastic foodstuff and we plan to share some fantastic foods jointly!

6. Critiques – what good is a workshop if you are not there to do a small get the job done? I’ll be supplying critiques of your photos as we review them and examine!

5. Minimal to just 8 members, this retreat is designed to blend the most effective aspects of a relaxing vacation, inspiring seminar, and hands-on workshop all in just one exquisite journey.

4. If you are a motion picture buff, this locale really should be on your bucket list. Movies this sort of as Thelma and Louise and Indiana Jones and the Past Campaign filmed scenes right here.

3. Mid-March is the excellent time to stop by, when points are warming up from the cold winter season, yet have not attained the scorching days of summer months. With a bonus of snow capped LaSal mountain peaks creating a terrific qualifications.

2. Of program, arms-on instruction and educational lectures. I really like to instruct!

1. Adventuresome studying! I do the job tough to make absolutely sure anyone will come away from these workshops experience superior about and much more enriched by their photography skills.

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